What advantages does axis tower Manchester have?

Not many properties that are up for sale come with guarantees. The Axis tower in Manchester, UK seems to be the exception. It comes with a number of benefits to those who are going to invest in it. Here are the advantages you should expect from investing in the Axis Tower:

Guaranteed returns on investment

It is expected that you will be a buy to let uk affair in the UK. You should, therefore, expect to get up to 5 percent returns once you rent out your property. This is because the developers project a 100 percent tenant occupancy once Axis Tower is completed.

No agents

With Axis Tower in Manchester, you don’t really need to hire an agent. The developers of this property have nominated agents which you can use for your buy to let venture in the UK.

Communication services

The developers of the axis tower manchester have ensured that each of the apartments is connected to an intercom system. Each apartment is also capable to support premier broadband and TV packages. Apart from that, BT phone lines are installed in each of the apartments. However, you will need to contact BT for the activation of these phone lines.

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